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A message from Deap Patel

My cooking style is a fusion from all over the world, creating my own blend of spice mixtures. It’s been a labor of love. My salsas, sauces, and paste products are full of flavor, made with simple, fresh ingredients that you will love and enjoy with every meal.

Welcome to Deapster502!

Embark on a culinary adventure with Deapster502, where the world’s flavors come together in a delightful fusion of West-meets-East. Discover our unique range of gourmet salsas, sauces, and pastes that add a touch of global flair to every meal. Our creative blends, crafted with fresh ingredients and an innovative spirit, will leave you craving more.

Fusion from all over the World

Our six all-natural gourmet salsas and sauces showcase the best fusion cuisine, capturing the essence of diverse culinary traditions in every jar. Each product is carefully crafted with simple, fresh ingredients, delivering bold flavors that complement any dish, from appetizers to main courses and even desserts!

Whether you’re a culinary hot head seeking the perfect balance of heat and flavor or simply looking for an exciting way to spice up your meals and explore new taste sensations, our salsas, and sauces have got you covered. With Deapster502, you can effortlessly elevate your cooking and bring a world of flavors to your table.

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Become a part of the Deapster502 family and stay updated on our latest offerings, recipe ideas, and culinary adventures. Join us on social media, and share your own fusion cooking experiences with fellow foodies who appreciate the magic of global flavors.

Latest Reviews

You made a salsa fan out of me Everything me!

July 6, 2024

First of all, the family is just great to work with. They have been kind enough to deliver plenty of salsa to me while I’ve been down and out. I tasted the medium at a party about six weeks ago and I had to have three jars. I’m not proud of this, but I did eat a whole jar within about 24 hours The flavor is sweet tomato with Spices that complement the salsa very well. And I have to say even though it’s the medium salsa that I love, you do get a little bite at the end, which is another thing. I absolutely adore. The reason I never ate salsa was because I’m not a huge fan of chunks of vegetables and this was smooth. I could dip my chip and not have to shake all the vegetables off. On a serious note, the salsa absolutely fantastic And I will continue to buy more, gift some, and do business with this lovely family. Thank you Patel Family

Denise Prebys

Best Salsa and Sauces…….

July 6, 2024

Love all your products, talked to the owner and cannot wait to try the new products coming out. Awesome Tikka masala and Snake bite 2. Excited about the King Cobra salsa. Thank you



Go there now!!!!

August 3, 2023

Seriously, the place is great. I got their biryani rice as a quick snack, being that it was the one vegan option I could choose. I’m so glad I did. This rice was perfectly cooked and bursting with flavor. The worker there was super helpful and thorough in his explanation of the menu. I wish I could explore other items but my vegan diet will not permit that. I can only imagine what the other dishes must taste like if the rice is *this* spectacular. If you reading this, go to Deapster502 now and have a dish for me! Wonderful customer service and wonderful food.



July 31, 2023

I love nothing more than a quick dinner fix that tastes gourmet! I use the tikka masala and douse it over some chicken thighs and then throw it in the air fryer and it truly is my favorite meal right now. Absolutely so full of flavor and I just pair it with some jasmine rice. Not to mention how low carb the Tikka Masala is- bonus! I had to stock up and I’m excited to try some other salsas as I’m sure every product this company makes is just as delicious. Thank you DEAPSTER for elevating dinner time!

Morgan Ferguson

New Customer

July 12, 2023

Great customer service, very knowledgeable. I was actually looking for the Charcuterie board place that used to be there. The gentleman working explained what they had, i wanted a snack and he recommended the Spinach Korma dip. It was perfect and absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to come back.

Liz B