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Deapster502 Medium Salsa

Deapster502’s Medium Salsa, at a medium heat level, is moderately spicy. Our tomatoes bring a bright, bold flavor to the table. Our juicy tomatoes are harvested at peak flavor, then mixed with fire roasted tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, and lemon to make this zesty salsa.

Deapster502 Hot Salsa

Deapster502’s Hot Salsa, at a high heat level, is definitely spicy. Looking to spice up your favorite meal or condiment? If you can handle it, you will love the flavor-leading punch of this chunky-style gourmet salsa.

Deapster502 Snake Bite Salsa

Deapster502’s Snake Bite Salsa, at the second highest heat level, takes heat to the next level. Our specialty peppers will heighten your senses and open your eyes. Just a little goes a long way on anything that you want to have a Spicy flair.

Deapster502 Snake Bite 2 Salsa

Deapster502’s Snake Bite 2 Salsa , at the ultimate highest heat level, is for the true lovers of spice. Be ready for the wonderfully tangy, superb texture, that raises the heat level without sacrificing flavor with this gourmet salsa.

Deapster502 Tikka Masala

Channel your restlessness for an Indian culinary adventure with our smooth, creamy, all-natural, low carb, Tikka Masala Gourmet Sauce. Infused with premium spice blends, and authentic regional flavor with inspiration from family to build and leave a legacy.

Deapster502 Korma Sauce

Our Korma Sauce is inspired by northern Indian cuisine and is smooth, low carb and pleasantly spiced with specialty peppers, roasted cashews, and our all-natural blend of authentic spice blends to bring your authentic curry dish together in just a few minutes.