Deapster502’s Flavorful Fusion Menu

Discover Unforgettable Taste Sensations

Embark on a Culinary Adventure with Deapster502

Craving bold flavors and an unforgettable dining experience? Look no further than Deapster502 at Logan Street Market! Our unique fusion of global flavors and gourmet salsas offers a mouthwatering selection of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you on a culinary journey like no other. Visit us today and indulge in the Deapster502 experience!

Treat Your Taste Buds to the Deapster502 Difference!



  • Chicken Tikka Tacos – $10.99
  • Paneer Tikka Tacos – $10.99
  • Chicken Tikka with Rice & Roti* – $13.99
  • Paneer Tikka with Rice & Roti – $13.99
  • Chicken Vindaloo with Rice & Roti – $13.99
  • Chicken Biryani with Raita Sauce – $13.99
  • Curry Chicken Salad Croissant with Chips – $10.99
  • Curry Chicken Salad – $8.99
  • Grilled Cheese with Tikka & Brat Sauce* & Chips – $8.99
  • Mac & Cheese with Brat Sauce – $7.99



  • Chips & Salsa – $5.99
  • Spinach Korma Dip with Chips – $7.99


  • Roti – $1.50
  • Cheddar Cheese – $0.50
  • Sour Cream – $0.50
  • Brat Sauce – $1.00
  • Raita Sauce – $0.75
  • Chips – $1.00
  • Water – $1.00
*Brat Sauce: A flavorful blend of garlic, spicy peppers, cilantro, lemon juice, olive oil, and special spices.
*Roti: A cooling and tangy Greek yogurt with cucumbers, garlic, pepper, and spices.

A Brief History of Deapster502

Deapster502’s journey began with a passion for uniting exceptional flavors from around the globe. Our founder, an avid food lover and globetrotter, sought to create a unique culinary experience that combined bold flavors with fresh, all-natural ingredients, catering to health-conscious foodies.

Inspired by diverse culinary traditions, our founder embraced fusion cooking, focusing on crafting salsas, sauces, and pastes that could transform any dish. Deapster502 was born from this passion, developing a range of gourmet salsas and sauces that showcased global cuisine.

Today, Deapster502 continues to evolve, driven by a commitment to quality, innovation, and a genuine love for great food. We remain dedicated to providing customers with an unforgettable culinary experience as we explore the exciting world of fusion cuisine.

Why Choose Deapster502?

  • Fusion Flavors: Our menu is inspired by the best culinary traditions from around the world, creating a unique fusion of flavors that will delight your palate.
  • Gourmet Salsas: Our gourmet salsas and sauces are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients and are perfect alongside our delicious dishes.
  • Health-Conscious: At Deapster502, we understand the importance of providing delicious yet healthy options. Our menu items are crafted with your health needs in mind, ensuring you can indulge guilt-free.
  • Versatile Menu: Our diverse menu offers something for everyone, from classic comfort food with a twist to innovative fusion dishes that will leave you craving more.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: Join us at Logan Street Market and enjoy a warm, welcoming environment where you can savor our delicious dishes and connect with fellow foodies who share your passion for great food.

Fusion Based On Culture And Experience

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? Visit Deapster502 at Logan Street Market and discover the incredible fusion of flavors that await you. From our mouthwatering meals and appetizers to our gourmet salsas and sauces, your taste buds will thank you for choosing Deapster502. Don’t wait – treat yourself to the unforgettable taste sensations of Deapster502 today!